Getting More Bang For Your Buck

Five ways to prepare your home for a successful sale

Selling your home can be a daunting experience, especially if you don’t know where to start.
To alleviate some of the stress we’ve outlined the top five steps you should take to prepare your home for sale.

Organise & Clean

Living in your home not only creates memories it creates clutter. The first thing you need to do is de-clutter and re-organise. It’s time to get rid of those random stacks of newspapers and magazines that you have been saving to read – if it’s been a few weeks and you still haven’t gotten around to reading it then is it really worth it?

Re-organising your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and laundry cupboards is a great way to minimise clutter. While donating old, unused or unwanted items can be therapeutic, it might be worth considering storing big-ticket furniture items for a short period. This first step not only cleans your house – it will save you money on moving costs.

After you’ve made some space, it’s important you clean your entire home really well. This isn’t your regular spring clean – this means going that extra mile. This includes dusting your blinds, skirting boards and air vents. Cleaning your windows, walls, doors, carpet, tiles and appliances.
For really tough stains it is worthwhile hiring professional carpet cleaners just before you hold your open home.

Inspect & Fix

Nobody wants to buy someone’s problems. It’s important you undertake a thorough inspection for any leakages, broken seals, faulty locks or water damage and ensure these issues are fixed before inspection. Little things like updating light fittings, door handles, bathroom taps and kitchen fixtures can make a huge difference in your home’s appearance and improve the proposed sale price.

If there are some renovations you want to make, make sure these projects are completed before the open home.

Create & Present

First impressions are everything. Creating a welcoming entrance will not only draw buyers in, it adds value to the property. Painting the front door, placing an extravagant plant or a unique light fixture near the front door will pay off because first impressions count. Don’t go to over
the top though, coloured feature walls are a thing of the past. If you’re not confident you can hire a professional to paint the internal walls
in a neutral colour as buyers like to see a blank canvas, to imagine their own home and picture a life there.

Freshen & Finalise

An essential part of presenting your home is staging the space correctly, maximizing the space to attract buyers. Styling can be done yourself or professionally but should present the space to its best ability – showing the buyer the full potential of the home. A great way to increase the sense of space is by leaving all internal doors open. You can also create space by adding mirrors, lights and placing furniture strategically throughout the home.

Further, it’s important to freshen the space by opening your windows and eliminating all odours. Don’t mask smells with artificial air fresheners
as these scents can be overwhelming, turning buyers off. Lighting a scented candle, brewing coffee or baking fresh bread just before the open
house is a much more natural way to invite buyers in.

Professional Advice

Pricing your home right is difficult. Allowing an agent who understands the market and specialises in the area will alleviate this uncertainty
and stress. BORIS. Property are leaders in the property market, offering constructive and effective strategies to sell your property for the best possible price in the least possible time. The BORIS. team are committed to finding the best solutions for you and will ensure your property does not get lost in the market. For more information on selling your home with BORIS. email today.

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